Privacy Policy

OyHello! Is considered  the sole operator and owner of the travel portal by the name which would be continued in the form of website and mobile application and have the right to revive, upgrade, terminate and control the usage.OyHello! (we, our, ours, us) wants to you to be informed and familiar about about how we use, disclose and collection information.  

By visiting our website or purchasing our travel related service, you are automatically agreeing to the terms of condition of our privacy policy. We hold the right to modify these terms and conditions for any reason, at any time, by drafting a new version or for strictly revival purpose on our website. The modified versions of terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy will be subjected to the usage when accessing our website. Kindly review our terms and conditions frequently for changes. If you object to clause or provision, or the modified version of the terms and condition or you are dissatisfied with the website in any given way, your only pre-determined recourse is to cease the usage our portal immediately.

What kind of information we may collect from you? 

Personal Information 

  • Name
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Credit and debit card number and related information
  • Social media handle information
  • Passport details
  • PNR or TSA or E-ticket number
  • Frequent flier information
  • Any information related to your past or future booking such departure and arrival points

How We May Collect Personal Information?

  • Online: We may collect Personal Information while booking a travel arrangement with us. A personal information would also be collected during Signup or registration on our website.
  • Offline: Collecting all the aforementioned information when contacting us on our customer service helpline. 
  • By means of promotion: We may receive your Personal Information from the marketing campaigns initiated on various social media platforms. 

Where do we use this personal information?

We use this personal information:

  • When you would be booking a reservation with while we would be seeking the aforementioned information. The information may be used during purchasing of travel product at OyHello! Website. We would require your credit or debit card or payment related information during completion of a trip or processing any changes to your existing booking while processing your payment.
  • When we allow you to participate in any promotion or contest initiated by us, airline consolidators, independent travel vendors or airlines who are promoting their products or services through our website.
  • When we respond to your comments or queries you have sent via weekly, monthly or annual newsletter.

We May disclose the personal information

Your Personal Information may be disclosed or transferred to the following entities. 

  • To our corporate affiliates, parent companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies 
  • To our third party travel-related suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, so that they may provide the products and services that you book or purchase using the Services.
  • To other travel-related companies with whom we partner to provide a portion of the Services, such as airline consolidators or aggregators, other travel agencies or tour agencies who are partnered with us for their taylor-made fun activities or adventure sports. 
  • To the travel insurance companies as they would be seeking personal information based on the type of insurance provided to the passenger related to travel.
  • To our third party service providers who provide services such as website hosting, data analysis, payment processing, order fulfillment, information technology and related infrastructure provision, customer service, email delivery, auditing, and other services. 

We May collect Other Information

Other information may include

  • Website traffic date
  • App usage data
  • Information collected through cookies
  • Browser and device information
  • Logged in logged out history

How we May collect Other Information?

  • Through your own browser and device
  • Through use of our mobile application
  • Using cookies
  • Internet Protocol Address

How We May Use and Disclose Other Information

We may use and disclose Other Information for any purpose. In some instances, we may combine Other Information with Personal Information (such as combining your name with your location).