United Airlines Reservations

Hailing from Chicago, United Airlines stands as prominent airlines operating a huge domestic and international network across the United States. The airlines have an enormous presence in Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia region. United Airlines is the member and the founding father of the world’s largest alliance, the renowned Star Alliance. United Airlines operates to 231 domestic destinations and 125 international destinations across five continents. The airline has the base of variety carriers from Boeing and Airbus which constitutes to about 776 airplanes. 

How To Book Flight With United Airlines

Booking an airline ticket for United Airline reservations is very easy and available most of the time. In order to go for a United Airline reservation, all you can do is log on to their website. Put all details it required from origin to destination point, it will give you all the option you want. Click the most suitable flight you are looking for, it will take you at the last page to fill your personal and payment information. It will generate your booking reference, thereby an email will be sent to you with your e-tickets in no time. 

Please note while doing an international flight for United Airline reservations, there is a possibility that you will be booked on United Airlines, but you may get an opportunity to travel in a different carriers like Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Thai Airways, Brussels Airlines and many among others. Don’t panic! These are United’s Star Alliance member airline as United Airlines generally shares code share information with them. It will benefit you, if you want to redeem points with one of the Star alliance members, you can redeem at United Airline booking counter and travel in their carrier seamlessly.

United Airlines reservations phone number

United Airlines reservation phone number is very crucial if you want to change, cancel, upgrade or add a seat to your United Airlines reservation. The contact number would be +1-855-635-3039. There is no service fee to seek help from the customer service representative from United Airlines to book a flight or any necessary changes you wanted them to perform for your existing United Airlines booking, but your representative will inform you of any additional fee that will apply.

United Airlines Basic Economy

The airlines recently launched a new fare system introducing a basic economy ticket. It will come as a cheapest option but there are strings attached while doing United Airlines reservations as it will limit what you can bring on the flight. It could be cheaper to United Airlines booking with basic economy but only allows flyers to bring a bag on board that fits under the seat. Any bag larger than that has to be checked for a fee of 30 USD. United Airlines book a flight with basic economy does not provide an access to passenger to choose the seats. But can you imagine a United Airlines reservations with basic economy from Los Angeles to Newyork round trip would cost cost you under $150 while a regular economy United Airlines flight would be around $400?

United Airlines Polaris Business Class

United Airlines recently launched their fancy polaris business class which is considered to be their flagship product. Unlike previous versions of it, United Airlines booking with polaris business class is arranged in a one-to-one configuration meaning business class passenger on board has direct aisle access. With the United Airlines reservations for business class, passenger will get a complimentary Polaris lounge access which is available at all the locations around the globe where United Airlines has its terminal hub. And exploring the Polaris lounge could be the most exciting thing checked on your bucket list. The lounge offers plenty of seating, it easy to get comfortable here. Any longer connection would just get pass by as you get an access to their buffet which is full of seasonal menu. One of the things that United Airlines is rightfully proud of is their impressive cocktail list. One of the highlights of the lounge at any airports around the globe is their impressive views of the airplanes coming and going, It could be particularly exciting to see your flight coming and begin preparation for the forthcoming departure of your United Airlines reservations.

The legroom is of course impressive with 6 feet 6 inches of sleeping space and there would be certainly a room for your overstuffed backpack at your feet with United Airlines booking for Polaris Business class. 

Your seat would be very well laid out. There’s also an adjustable reading light, a storage compartment which you will find useful throughout the flight. There are plenty of seat adjustment button which you will find easy to hit at your ease. The headphone jack universal plug and remote control for the in-flight entertainment are right around your seat. The 16 inch touch screen laced with an exciting in-flight entertainment 

How do you request a refund for United Airlines booking

Cancelling a United Airlines booking can be simply by calling  United Airlines Reservations Phone Number which is +1855-635-3039. You can also cancel the United Airlines booking by simply log in at www.united.com where you just insert your six digits booking reference along with the last name. The 24 hour timeframe begins at the time your ticket is purchased. If the United Airlines reservations has been booked within 24 hours from the date of booking, there would be a 100 percent refund and the airfare would be refunded back to your original form of payment within 7-10 business days.  Request for refund with United Airline booking will be credited back in the original form of payment, with the exception of purchases made with a United Gift Certificate, which will be credited back in the form of electronic travel certificates. 

United Airlines Excursionist Perk

A flight travel could be expensive as they eat out high portion of your budget. In addition to that, it could be highly expensive. To make your travel cheaper, we have a solution that you could sustainable spend well anytime and everytime while making your travel arrangements with us. Have you heard about the The Excursionist Perk from United Airlines booking? It is the best and convenient way to save an extra cash when you are trying to book a multi-destination trip. It will benefit you as would not be paying for your middle-leg of the flight. With the United Airlines reservations your one way flight would be considered as a free reward ticket. You should follow certain rules for that :

  • In order to redeem the Excursionist Perk, you have to book a multi-destination trip. United Airlines reservations for the Excursionist fare would not be considered valid if you book three separate one-way flights trips. 
  • This perk only applies to award booking, not United Airlines booking made via cash.
  • United Airlines flight must involve at least two legs of your journey.
  • The flight which originates from and the destination point belongs to the same country or region.
  • Award type of excursionist flight must be booked with the same class of service on all the legs of your journey. 

For most people, the most simple way to get value from this perk is to book any additional United Airlines reservations within your travel  plan. There are lots of possibilities from this perk, and you’re only limited by where United Airlines flies and any fuel charges or fees that you encountered when doing a United Airlines booking.

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