American Airlines Reservations

Six thousand flights in a day, two millions passengers in a week, 350 destinations in 50 countries every year and plenty of additional benefit along than you can count. American Airlines is an airline which dominates the market share throughout America and has a perpetual presence across the globe. Being a founding member of the One world alliance, American airlines,so-far, is the largest of the largest in terms of revenue, fleet size and number of passengers served on their planes.

How To Make American Airlines Reservations

Making an American Airlines reservations is not rocket science, it’s just a bunch of simple steps to Click and Pay. And, you do not have to be computer-literate. Here it is: 

  • Log on to
  • Select your departure and return points along with number of flyers
  • Choose from the given flight option at the next page
  • Enter your personal information and payment details at the last page.

 Your would be generated a six digit booking reference, called as P.N.R for your American Airlines booking. 

American Airline Reservations Phone Number +1-855-635-3039

If you are still not comfortable booking online and wants to avoid the complexity to make your American Airlines flight booking, call us on American Airlines reservations number at +1-888-635-3039 where you can bug us at any unruly hour as we would be available 24*7 at your service. We not only help you to book an American Airlines flight reservations but we will help you customize your journey on your command. Enjoy your premium travel experience by dialing our American Airlines reservations phone number, and we help you from choosing your favourite sitting spot in the plane to locking up your favourite meal preference or you can bother us by asking to add an extra baggage on-board American Airlines flight reservations.

Not just that, we will also help you with American Airlines booking via American Airlines mileage programme (AA miles) where you can simply redeem your mileage points in exchange of a flight ticket. Apart from booking, we will help you empower with all sorts of changes and cancellation on your existing American Airlines booking.

My Trips Section on

Next time if you want to perform an exchange on an existing American airline booking, you  do not have to waste your time over a call or stand in a long queue at the airline counter, you can simply do it by visiting American Airlines reservations website. Go to My Trip section, insert the six digit booking reference along with the last name of the passenger. It will ask to choose from a range of options available. After choosing, it will show you the fare difference along with change fee. You can simply pay online and the exchange is done. You can also cancel all your American Airlines booking here as well.

American Airlines Baggage policy

American Airlines Carry-on Baggage

American Airlines flight reservations allows universal one-carry on bag upto 20 pounds and one personal item (briefcase, purse, laptop bag) free per passenger on all domestic and international booking. A carry-on bag should not exceed 45 inches or 115 centimeters including the luggage weight.

American Airlines Checked baggage Policy

On all domestic flights, American Airlines reservations flyers can carry a bag which should not exceed 50 pounds in weight and 152 centimeters or 62 inches in dimensions. First bag fee cost with American Airlines booking is $30. It is $40 for second bag, $150 for the third bag and $200 each for any additional bag.  While boarding an international flight with American Airlines booking, the passengers are bound to get one checked bag free while the additional bag charges are the same as the domestic.

American Airlines Senior Citizen Fare

Senior citizen fare are not at all common these days only with the exception of American Airlines reservations. If you are 65 years or older, you can get your American Airlines flight reservations at 20 percent lower fare than the adult fare. Also, one of the perks while doing an American Airlines booking  is senior citizen would also be eligible to get Bulkhead seats on priority, if available.

American Airlines Basic Economy – An overview (How it works)

What exactly is basic economy and why does it matter? Basic economy is a cheaper fare flight that many major airlines like American Airlines in comparison to their regular price tickets. You get to the same place at the same time with everyone else for a lower price. But there’s a catch! American  airlines reservations for basic economy will help save enough cash in compared to the regular economy class. Basic economy in American airline booking will take away some different options or amenities that were once included in the regular fare. American airlines flight reservations with basic economy gives you a little less freedom in comparison to other class of service as  does not provides you seating option and baggage allowance. 

American airlines booking for basic economy allows you to carry just one carry on bag and one personal item. In order to choose a seat with basic under in American airlines flight reservations you have to pay for the seat for your own choice. But if you are flexible enough to take a seat anywhere in the plane and if you prefer to be minimalist when it comes to luggage, Basic Economy fare with American airlines reservations could help you get the same deal for a couple of hundred dollars in comparison to a regular economy with American airlines. 

However, American airlines book a flight in basic economy will allow you to cancel the flight as it would be fully non-refundable. In case of no-shows in basic economy, you cannot recover any money as the whole amount would get forfeited. Also, any American airline flight reservations with basic economy would not be eligible for class upgrades. When it comes to making changes in basic economy class with any existing American airlines booking, it is strictly not-allowed for travel within the United States, Canada, Central America, Mexico and Caribbean. But if you are flying international with basic economy airfare, the American airlines reservations team will allow you to make the changes for a whopping $200 change fee.

We’ll emphasize that American airlines reservations for basic economy tickets are targeted at passengers who are travelling alone. It is not guaranteed that you’ll get to sit with your group if you are flying with one without paying extra to switch seats. The only major difference is in the basic ticket economy fare are seat selection fees, checked baggage fees and being the last boarding group. American airlines flight reservations for basic economy is really just a deconstructed regular economy ticket. If you only care about one or none of the things we just mentioned above go ahead and book American airlines reservations for a basic airfare. But if you care about two or more then compare the extra cost and make sure that basic ticket is still worth its value.

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