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The holiday season means we are on the move. The busiest travel days of the year falls between American Thanksgiving and New Year. But even in cases where people are travelling to the same destination it’s likely they pay different prices for their airfare. It very often that if you book a one-way ticket from London to Newyork arriving a few days before New Year’s eve, the price everywhere ranges between $1500-3000 for the same trip which raises the question how do airlines set their prices and how we at Oy Hello beat them to get you cheap airline flights?

Airline prices can seem random and even illogical, they’re high one week and drastically low the next. It is also very strange that long-haul international flights have cheap flight deals over shorter ones. Oy Hello dug deep to find the method to this madness and there is so much you can do and it is very simple to have best flight deals all around the year. 

At Oy Hello, our full time job is to find cheap flight tickets for you. There is no magic day to book cheap flights.  There are no crazy tricks about closing your browser and reopening it and calling your friends in another country and try to get them to book thinking you would be having best flight deals. None of that is true. What is true are the prices of flight tickets changes all the time? The prices changes minute-by-minute, day-by-day basis and depending upon the day you look there would be no best flight deals around. 

These fluctuations are based on complex computer algorithm designed to maximise the airline’s profits. That’s why Oy Hello comes into the picture to get you the cheap flight deals on international and domestic both. Pay your attention here!

Sign up for email 

As soon as you think about travelling to get your cheap international flights, the top tip is to sign up for email price alerts on Google flights. Here you can search all the dates along with places you want by setting alerts where you would be getting all the updates whenever prices change. Set your price alerts as soon as possible but be careful to not book too early or too late if you want to have the best flight deals.

Advance booking

There is no magic day to get the cheap flight tickets, but the best flight deals for domestic route usually show up around 26 days prior to departure. For international route, you can avail your cheap airline flights around 60 days ahead.


Midweek is the time you can prefer to fly in order to get the cheap flight deals while Mondays and Fridays could be a little expensive. A lot of business travel starts on Monday and prefer to return home by Friday or Saturday. What airline are doing is they’re selling the same product (flight tickets) but depending on who you are they are try and get more out of you.

Fly with Asian carriers

Destination which are served by just one airline, there are high chances not getting getting cheap flight tickets  and you are going to pay a lot more. It is really just a matter of competition going to force the airlines to compete with. Speaking of competition, a lot of Asian airlines are foraying into the international market offering cheap flights across the globe and dragging prices down. Let’s say you are travelling to Hawaii from Istanbul, you might get a cheap international flight deal by taking a stop in Bangkok with any asian airlines which are partnered with country’s carrier. Honestly, there is never been a competitive time to fly and as these budget airlines starts muscle in, the price become ultra competitive. 

Make your destination a connection 

Most of us know that you can usually save money by booking a connecting flight with at least one stopover but you can also get cheap airline flights by booking a connecting flight where your connection is actually your destination. So let’s say you want to travel from Newyork to London, it can actually be cheaper to buy a ticket to Dublin or Paris with a stopover in London. If you are booking on one-way basis you can often skip the second leg of the trip and save a fortune. 

Tweak your search

The conventional wisdom is that you should book a round trip to get the best flight deals, but times have changed and most of the time that’s not necessary at all. You can save money by getting the cheap flights by booking separately and using different airlines for each direction.This mix and match technique would always work but if you are going to end up saving hundreds of dollars, it is surely worth it. Open jaw routes can also work for you if you are planning a longer trip and you are flying into one city but return from another. In order to get the cheap flight deals, always search for flight as a single flyer even if you’re travelling with others.

So, bottomline if you spend a little time to this post you could save a lot of money by knowing where and when to book before ticket prices soar.

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