Cheap Flights To Las Vegas

How do get the cheap plane tickets to Las Vegas?

With our daily deals of non-stops flight from almost any part of the United States, we at OyHello make it convenient and easier to get you the cheap flight to Las Vegas whether you want to play a casino, or attend a show or sight-seeing is what you love? Whether it’s a business emergency or last-minute weekend getaway or you are taking your whole family out there, you can land great deals on flights to Las Vegas with OyHello. Below mentioned are few tips on how to book cheap flights to Vegas without burning a hole in your pocket.

Book 14 days in advance

Always book your at least 14 days in advance in order to get you cheap plane to Las Vegas as price always surge within two weeks of departure. By doing this, travelers could save upto 200$ on their airfare.

Fly always on Sunday

Retirees and students who are eyeing for higher discount on their flight to Las Vegas can save upto 100$ if they always schedule their departure on Sundays. Las Vegas witness huge rush on Fridays and Saturday, so does the airfare.

Return by a weekday

If you prefer to return until Thursday it could help you to save another 70-80$ on your last leg. It happens generally because business travellers prefer to return home by the weekend so the passenger footfall McCarran International Airport accumulate to unaffordable airfare.

Be a part of our family –

Log on to OyHello now by giving your sign up credential to get updated on the latest discount coupon and codes with us. If you are not a frequent flyer member with United, American or Delta airlines, we are one-stop destination to get you the cheap flights to Las Vegas.

Is there an airport in Las vegas?

Las Vegas got its major international airport by the name of McCarran International Airport (LAS). Located 2 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip or main streets. Its walkable! The airport stands as a major hub for numerous domestic and international airlines. 

Can I get a direct international flight to Las Vegas

Do you know you can also fly direct to Las Vegas mostly from all parts of the world. Next time when you are in London for your business meeting and planning for a short-term getaway, you can fly direct to Vegas with Virgin Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines. A non-stop flight to Las Vegas is also available from Seoul, Frankfurt, Toronto, Vancouver, Manchaster, Mexico city and many among others.

Does OyHello deals in Holiday Packages to Las Vegas?

Ofcourse! We combine your vacation package with the numerous flights and range of hotels as you can suit yourself on the basis of your budget. To visit Las Vegas, you do not require a life saving. OyHello is there for you to get the cheapest airfare and exclusive deals on the amazing resorts that will give you more time and money to spend. 

Can I choose the airline that I mostly prefer with Las Vegas Holiday package?

That’s what we are here for. You can choose from 5000 airline partners and 150000 hotel chains  across the globe while we make sure that your trip budget would be right on the track. We embrace the culture of providing flexibility so that mix and match would not be a hassle while booking with us.

Las Vegas, often known simply as Vegas is famously known for its gambling, shopping, fine dining , entertainment and nightlife. Surrounded by the Mojave desert, the city of nearly a million people enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year. Famed itself, as the Entertainment capital of the world, over the past decades Las Vegas grew into a hyper local camelots whose casinos and hotel industry has almost become legendary.This is not just a metropolitan. Las Vegas of the 21st century is like visiting another planet – a fun planet. It could be your one-stop destination for total escapist fantasy. Whatever you want, you can have it here from uppity lounges to piano bars to classic casinos. If you’re not a casino fan, no problem! You can hit the Las Vegas Strip. If everything is bigger in Las Vegas, it is a hundred times bigger at the Strip. We are talking about mythical cities, volcanoes and treasure islands – while whole world pepped around you to have the time of their life. Whatsoever your mood is, you will find your swing here. Wanna do time travel you can visit Caesars Palace or Luxors.You would be dazzled to see what an ancient Rome or Egypt might have looked like. You could also amazed yourself with the tropical vibes when you feel the sand and waves right under your feet The Mandalay Bay resort. If the neon light thrill is not enough for you, you can also suit yourself in the lap of mother nature. All you need to do is drive 50 miles away from the city to Valley of Fire or can also head to Grand Canyon by driving 250 miles away from the town. But as the night descends, this neon light city would be your calling it transcend itself into a cluster of gold jewels under the desert sky. After all, the city enlightens your gut feeling with the fact that you are not going to live for a long time but for a good time. 

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