Best places to live in New Mexico

Best Places To Live In New Mexico

A unique blend of old and new, history and technology, cultural diversity and unsurpassed beauty, New Mexico got something for everyone to enjoy.  From the delicious cuisine to state’s majestic landscape, a place where rockies begin and summers are cool, waters are warm and there’s chillies in every meal, every corner here is most favourable and the best place to live in New Mexico. Home for two million people, the state is blessed with sunshine for alleast 300 days in a year. Not just that, the Sunset, the Mesas, the traditional balloon fiesta, mixture of culture, the mud house and state where turquoise is not just the color of nature but a story you can hold in your hand. But in order to settle here, you must look up to the other factors too like crime rate, weather, real estate prices and the cost of living.

Therefore, we did an exhaustive research and handpicked the best places to live in New Mexico, considering all what you need.

Albuquerque (a place born that way!)

Albuquerque stay places

Known as the heart of Mexico, Albuquesque has grown to the largest city in the state. Filled with diverse culture, rich history and breathtaking landscapes, it provides visitors the true taste of southwest. With the award winning weather and sunshine around the year, Albuquerque is the best place to live in for someone who enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, horse riding or mountain biking.  Employment is not the concern here, as being the metropolitan finding a job is not a task here. Highly affordable to buy out a cottage villa which will cost you between 175,000 – 185,000 USD counting it as one of the best place to live in New Mexico. If you want to live as a tenant, you will get all the comfort of any metropolitan city in just 3000 USD  a month. 

Los Alamos (the ski is the new fad here!)

Situated atop steep-walled mesas at the foot of Jemez mountain , Los Alamos provides a convenient and economical base for exploring the diverse culture. With the median household income of 99,458 USD, what you earn here would be significantly higher than the rest of New Mexico.  The city also goyt the highest concentration of millionaires here than anywhere in the state. With 12000 inhabitants, the city introduced a ski-culture to the world. If you love adventures like mountain biking, sure you will get no time to call this city your second home as it is one of the best places to live in New Mexico.

Santa Fe (lost and found paradise on earth!)

Santa Fe new mexico

The oldest capital city in the United States while you are walking down the street you will feel the age of it with the tiny streets around and mud houses all over the city. There is no hidden fact that many painters and photographers moved to Santa Fe because the lights of nature seems to be so beautiful.  With over 82,000 inhabitants call it home, the Sante Fe is considered as the largest metropolitan and the capital of New Mexico. The Native American culture, the Spanish culture and the great American west meet here. The city is laced with Spanish influences into its architecture as you will find most unique built mud houses that are territorial or Pueblo styled with a flat roof. Also, UNESCO honored Santa Fe as the most creative city.  Santa fe is the best place to live in New Mexico for retirees as this city. With the median household income of 40,000 USD, the cost of living is pretty cheap as buying or renting an accommodation is always within a budget here.

Rio Rancho (where the grads keep their diplomas on their dashboards!)

Rio Rancho new mexico

Growing as the fastest economy hub of New Mexico, Rio Rancho, the city of vision setting progessive and innovative standards for the future. Stands as the third largest city after Albuquerque and Santa Fe, it, from a mere bedroom community Rio Rancho now boasts a population of 85000 plus. Coined as the Silicon Valley of the southwest, the city is the home of tech giant Intel, Rio Rancho is one of the best places to live in New Mexico for new age entrepreneurs and job seekers. Renowned as the technology corridor, it includes national and international corporations and a variety of research and educational institutions. Rio Rancho’s education culture is prevalent from its top schools and colleges than anywhere in New Mexico, it also includes the highest concentration of engineers and scientists. 

Roswell (buy a quarter for a dollar!)


Any decent store, museum or business in Roswell would be themed on aliens as the tourist industry here pepped up after the famous alleged UFO incident of 1947. Situated at the high planes, Rosewell gives you the distinctive four seasons around the year. With a population of over 40,000 people and the median income range over 30,000 USD per year, Rosewell could gives you the comfort of solace, amazing weather and low cost of living. It is the best place to live in New Mexico for families. This town is also famous for low crime rates, home to great schools and plenty of job opportunities. The cost of living here is not at all a financial burden and a sustainable lifestyle is what one can eye for.

Places To Stay In New York City

Best Places To Stay In New York City

There’s a whimsical magic that comes with a name of America’s best known city and there is no surprise with the saying, ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’. You could spend a week’s holiday with the best place to stay in New York city while wandering the streets of it and never ever get bored. Every corner in the city is the location from a movie set and only have to look up to experience another world of high-rise rooftops. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and the State Island – these are the five boroughs that make up the most popular and visited cities in the United States. We tailored a trip by our own to give you everything you need guide about best places to stay when visiting New York city. We handpicked the most comprehensive and inclusive guide to budget the most affordable stays for you as it could be insanely expensive without our words. 

Let us guide with our tailor made tour of New York that we did for you to get you the best cheap places to stay in New York city.

Midtown West/ Times Square

It is the most tourist area which is famous for the Times Square area and Broadway shows. It could be the best place to stay in New York city which remains crowded throughout the year.

Midtown East

Similar to Midtown West, but with less people around. If you stay in Midtown East, it would be close to Grand Central Station and the Brooklyn Bridge. You will also get some budgeted hotel under 200 USD with an iconic view of the bridge which could be your best cheap places to stay in New York City.

West Village/ East Village

We would highly recommend you this area which is said to be very charming and beloved by the New Yorkers. You will find plenty of bars and pubs, known as the landmark for good night life within a budget. It is also one of the safest places to stay in New York City. 

Upper Westside/Eastside

Located at 110th Street considered to the most quiet and beautiful area.You would be very close to central park. It could be the best cheap places to stay in New York city as an average nightly rate is quite less than Midtown east and west area. 

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We love to recommend Williamsburg in Brooklyn area because that’s a very trendy area. Also Manhattan skyline from any corner of the Brooklyn is very charming. It is the best place to stay in New York for families or for a group as this place is laced with fancy restaurants and night-life. 

Did you know that average price of a hotel here is 350 dollars a night? Pretty crazy! But we are going to help you through some of the ones that we think are incredibly unique, worth staying and the safest places to stay in New York city. Also, we want to give you two quick tips.Firstly, if you are on a budget you will find Airbnb here for as little as $30 and the pretty luxury one would  be under $ 70. Secondly, the best time to visit, if you want to have best cheap places to stay in New York city, is January and the reason is it remain frozen during this time of the year and less footfall of tourists in January. Here’s the one :

Paper Factory Hotel

Paper Factory Hotel new york
  • Location: Long Island, NY
  • Nightly Rate : $150-200

You can stay in what was once a paper factory which has been renovated into a beautiful and industrial style hotel. Plus the location is in Long Island City, which is only 15 minutes ride from Manhattan with beautiful city views. It is close to New York city but still far enough to have a whole real New Yorker experience, like a local. The eclectic decor and artistic ambience here are enriched by the modern industrial accents thus makes it the best place to stay in New York city. 

The James New York

The James New York
  • Location – Soho, Manhattan NY
  • Nightly Rate – $ 200-230

You will definitely like this spot due to a couple of reasons. One being their rooftop pool bar called Jimmy at the James which marks it the best place to stay in New York city with family. Another being that they are conveniently located in Soho which got plenty of local shops and restaurants. They are also very contemporary and artistic hotel which brings a really nice vibe. Their penthouse suite is one of the best places to stay in New York city for mere $ 200 a night which comes with a great city view, You can have an amazing view of World Trade Centre from your suite.

Hotel Giraffe

Hotel Giraffe new york
  • Location – Manhattan, NY
  • Nightly Rate – $200-275

Located on the Park Avenue and 26th Street which makes it walking distance to the Empire State Building and conveniently located near the tourist attractions also makes it the best place to stay in New York city with family. You will definitely love this place because they have complementary wine and cheese hour every for guests from 5PM to 8 PM in their lobby with a live pianist. Another reason why it is the best place to stay in New York is because all the nearby restaurants offer you 25% discount because you are the guest of Hotel Giraffe. It’s very rare to call have a balcony at New York hotel, especially one that’s reasonably priced like this one which makes it among the best cheap places to stay in New York city.

The Library Hotel

The Library Hotel
  • Location: Midtown, Manhattan, NY
  • Nightly Rate – $150-200

It could be one of your favorite and best place to stay in New York because it has such a unique theme. It is literally themed to a library so each floor has its own category based on a reading genre. Not just that, each room has its own sub-category.  You may be given room on ‘religion’ floor which has rooms by the name Buddhism, Mythology. Or you may be allocated to a ‘Native American’ room where every book and piece of artwork here has to do with Native Americans. It could be the best place to stay when visiting New York City as it could be yours book lover’s dream hotel.

Places To eat In New Orleans - Copy

Best Places To Eat In New Orleans

Best Places To Eat In New Orleans

Located 105 miles upriver from the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana. Straddling the lower reaches of the Mississippi river, this port city is at the crossroads of exploration, trade and commerce. New Orleans is a melting pot of culture that has happily simmered the way for a long time. So, whats in the pot? Cultural influences from France, Brazil, africa and the deep South mix with catholic culture, voodoo magic and the influence of Jazz to make New Orleans one of the most lively and popular destinations in the USA. The newcomers usually wastes no time in heading to where the good times roll by, the loudest and the foodiest, The French Quarter – the birthplace of cuisines and Jazz gigs. Lined with bars, pubs and restaurants, is a home to the most party-friendly and amazing dine-in experience streets in the world. New orleans’ distinctive and sometimes fiery cuisine will ensure you will never miss a beat. Local specialities like gumbo, po-boys and praline are home to the best places to eat in New Orleans. 

New Orleans’ local menu

  1. Gumbo
  2. Praline
  3. Po-boys
  4. Crawfish
  5. Banana-foster

We did divine gastronomical journey in New Orleans to enlighten you with the beautiful and amazing dining places. We handpicked seven best places to eat in New Orleans which gives travel itinerary no less than a memorable experience. If you are a foodie, a food blogger or chef, you will find the jaw-stuck and the best places to eat in New Orleans.

Here are the 7 best places to eat in New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde new orleans

Cafe Du Monde

So here’s the thing with this place, the menu Beignets which is super from crunchy outside and warm. It looks like a donut but its not. The powdered sugar coated on its top resemble like an american Apple Pie. You read one of the signs here and you will learn to know that this place has been serving since the year 1860s which is unbelievable. People from every walk of life really enjoy some good coffee and Beignets. It is definitely one of the best places to eat in New Orleans. 

District Donor Bar

If you’re ever in New Orleans and you want to check out a yummy dessert place, this would be the best place to eat in New Orleans. The Samoa dessert would be ultimate under five dollar treat here. Another one is fluffernutter, a fusion of peanut butter  with Marshmallow sounds delicious. 

Willie Mae’s Restaurant

Willie Mae’s Restaurant

New Orleans is deep in the south and some of the best food in the south here is fried chicken and the best place to eat in New Orleans is no really better than this one. Opened in 1957, this places has been honored with top level accolades and awards by many culinary institutions. You can tell by the queue outside where people are waiting for their turn to have their fair share of lovely experience.

Dat Dog new orleans

Dat Dog

Best place to eat some cheap eats in New Orleans is Dat Dog. The Crawfish Etouffee Hotdog is the local speciality which is served deliciously under ten dollars. Also try their Bacon Cheese ranch fries which is considered as the best cheese french fries in the entire New Orleans.

Cochon Butcher

Cochon Butcher

If it is lunchtime and you are hungry, the best place to eat in New Orleans is Cochon Butcher. Their Cubano sandwich and Mac and Cheese Puff is the best cuisines to try from their menu as they famously serve everything under five dollars.

Parkway Bakery and Tavern

Parkway Bakery and Tavern

One of the best places to eat in French Quarters for Po-boys where you can dine-in late at night as well. You will always find a queue for 5-6 hours every day which is a good sign, but if you want to skip the line come right there before 10 PM. We suggest you to try their fried shrimp po-boy and then roast beef po-boy, two of them are the most popular. Also, the cuisine Gumbo they serve here makes it  the best place to eat in New Orleans. Surrounded with typical wooden tables and plastic chairs, this place in French Quarter shows you the real culture of the town.

Luke Restaurent New Orleans


New Orleans is home to some of the best fine-dining in the country. There are so many best places to eat  in New Orleans, but we handpicked Luke for some reason. Their Blue Crab Gratin and Hot Buttered Crawfish Bread is something you will never cease to miss from your entire trip. A lively atmosphere of this place is palatable from the best seafood served here, thus define it as  one of the best places to eat in French Quarter neighbourhood.