Best places to live in New Mexico

Best Places to Live in New Mexico

A unique blend of old and new, history and technology, cultural diversity and unsurpassed beauty, New Mexico got something for everyone to enjoy.  From the delicious cuisine to state’s majestic landscape, a place where rockies begin and summers are cool, waters are warm and there’s chillies in every meal, every corner here is most favourable and the best place to live in New Mexico. Home for two million people, the state is blessed with sunshine for alleast 300 days in a year. Not just that, the Sunset, the Mesas, the traditional balloon fiesta, mixture of culture, the mud house and state where turquoise is not just the color of nature but a story you can hold in your hand. But in order to settle here, you must look up to the other factors too like crime rate, weather, real estate prices and the cost of living.

Therefore, we did exhaustive research and handpicked the best places to live in New Mexico, considering all that you need.

Albuquerque (a place born that way!)

Albuquerque stay places

Known as the heart of Mexico, Albuquesque has grown to the largest city in the state. Filled with diverse culture, rich history and breathtaking landscapes, it provides visitors the true taste of southwest. With the award winning weather and sunshine around the year, Albuquerque is the best place to live in for someone who enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, horse riding or mountain biking.  Employment is not the concern here, as being the metropolitan finding a job is not a task here. Highly affordable to buy out a cottage villa which will cost you between 175,000 – 185,000 USD counting it as one of the best place to live in New Mexico. If you want to live as a tenant, you will get all the comfort of any metropolitan city in just 3000 USD  a month. 

Los Alamos (the ski is the new fad here!)

Situated atop steep-walled mesas at the foot of Jemez mountain , Los Alamos provides a convenient and economical base for exploring the diverse culture. With the median household income of 99,458 USD, what you earn here would be significantly higher than the rest of New Mexico.  The city also goyt the highest concentration of millionaires here than anywhere in the state. With 12000 inhabitants, the city introduced a ski-culture to the world. If you love adventures like mountain biking, sure you will get no time to call this city your second home as it is one of the best places to live in New Mexico.

Santa Fe (lost and found paradise on earth!)

Santa Fe new mexico

The oldest capital city in the United States while you are walking down the street you will feel the age of it with the tiny streets around and mud houses all over the city. There is no hidden fact that many painters and photographers moved to Santa Fe because the lights of nature seems to be so beautiful.  With over 82,000 inhabitants call it home, the Sante Fe is considered as the largest metropolitan and the capital of New Mexico. The Native American culture, the Spanish culture and the great American west meet here. The city is laced with Spanish influences into its architecture as you will find most unique built mud houses that are territorial or Pueblo styled with a flat roof. Also, UNESCO honored Santa Fe as the most creative city.  Santa fe is the best place to live in New Mexico for retirees as this city. With the median household income of 40,000 USD, the cost of living is pretty cheap as buying or renting an accommodation is always within a budget here.

Rio Rancho (where the grads keep their diplomas on their dashboards!)

Rio Rancho new mexico

Growing as the fastest economy hub of New Mexico, Rio Rancho, the city of vision setting progessive and innovative standards for the future. Stands as the third largest city after Albuquerque and Santa Fe, it, from a mere bedroom community Rio Rancho now boasts a population of 85000 plus. Coined as the Silicon Valley of the southwest, the city is the home of tech giant Intel, Rio Rancho is one of the best places to live in New Mexico for new age entrepreneurs and job seekers. Renowned as the technology corridor, it includes national and international corporations and a variety of research and educational institutions. Rio Rancho’s education culture is prevalent from its top schools and colleges than anywhere in New Mexico, it also includes the highest concentration of engineers and scientists. 

Roswell (buy a quarter for a dollar!)


Any decent store, museum or business in Roswell would be themed on aliens as the tourist industry here pepped up after the famous alleged UFO incident of 1947. Situated at the high planes, Rosewell gives you the distinctive four seasons around the year. With a population of over 40,000 people and the median income range over 30,000 USD per year, Rosewell could gives you the comfort of solace, amazing weather and low cost of living. It is the best place to live in New Mexico for families. This town is also famous for low crime rates, home to great schools and plenty of job opportunities. The cost of living here is not at all a financial burden and a sustainable lifestyle is what one can eye for.

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